My First Fertility Appointment

Wondering what to expect at your first fertility appointment? You are not alone! Many women and couples wonder what will happen when they meet a fertility doctor for the first time. Your first fertility appointment at our fertility center in Scottsdale is dedicated to an extensive review of your general health and medical history, a comprehensive infertility evaluation, and in-depth explanations and answers to your questions and concerns.


Unlike other fertility centers, we take the time to conduct a in-depth evaluation, so that we can develop a personalized treatment plan that best fits your needs. Whether your circumstances are straightforward or complicated, our fertility experts are here to help guide you through the course of consultation and lead you on a path to achieving a healthy pregnancy in the shortest time possible. Our goal is for you to get pregnant fast and to experience a healthy and successful pregnancy in the shortest time possible!couple


We strongly suggest that both yourself and your partner attend the first appointment. Your partner is an important part of the process. If you are single, we suggest being accompanied by a relative or close friend. Having a strong social support system is incredibly helpful for navigating the infertility treatment process and processing important information.


Your first fertility appointment is an opportunity for both yourself and our fertility experts to gather information and begin to find the cause of your concerns.  During this visit, we’ll develop a plan and determine what testing is needed prior to deciding on the most appropriate treatment path. We will assess your menstrual history, timing of intercourse, lifestyle factors, any sexual issues, previous fertility treatment or pregnancy history, and much more.


babypinkblanketNo matter what your fertility concern may be, our mission is for you to leave your first fertility appointment with hope, confidence and a plan that you will clearly understand. At your first appointment you will:

  • Meet and get to know your Arizona fertility doctor
  • Discuss your medical history and previous treatments
  • Arrange for a blood test to check your hormone levels
  • Arrange for additional tests such as an ultrasound, semen analysis, or others
  • Hear more about your potential treatment options
  • Meet with our financial counselor to discuss your insurance benefits


If you have already had fertility testing performed at another center prior to your first visit and seek a second opinion, our Arizona team and members of our national fertility network will conduct a comprehensive “fertility audit” to review your fertility history and past medical files to better understand the cause of your infertility.


eggfreezingcircleTo make the most of your first appointment, it’s always good to be prepared. Dr. Hade may ask a variety of questions to make an accurate diagnosis, so be prepared for an honest and open conversation about the following topics:

  • How long have you been having sex without birth control?
  • How long have you been actively trying to get pregnant?
  • How frequently do you have intercourse?
  • At what age did you start menstruating?
  • What are your cycles typically like?
  • Have you ever experienced a miscarriage?
  • Are there any genetic diseases that run in your family?
  • Have you or your partner ever been treated for cancer?
  • Has your body weight recently changed?
  • Do you or your partner smoke?
  • Do you or your partner use recreational drugs?
  • Are you or your partner taking any medications or dietary supplements?
  • Have you or your partner ever have an STD?
  • Has the male partner experienced difficulty maintaining an erection?
  • Has the male partner experienced a reduced sexual desire?
  • Has the male partner had a vasectomy?