13 Facts You Should Know About Fertility

March 10, 2016

Making babies is easy, right? Take some sperm, combine with some eggs – and BAM – the rest, as they say, happens naturally. But what about if the “rest” isn’t happening? What if you are just starting out and simply need some help understanding the facts? Well, we have you covered.


A Blood Test Can Analyze Your Fertility Potential


If you aren’t ready to become pregnant but still want to know more about your chances, there’s a pretty neat test for that. An AMH Test is one of the most accurate ways to assess a woman’s ovarian reserve. Via standard blood work, we analyze hormone levels to determine your remaining egg supply.

February 17, 2016

When it comes to infertility and trying for a baby, there’s an enormous amount of information at your fingertips. A lot. And if you search long enough, it becomes harder and harder to tell what is true and what isn’t. We’ve encountered some pretty funny, yet completely false fertility tips ourselves. Some are harmless. A few are just plain weird. The majority, however, work against you if you are trying to conceive.

So let’s use this opportunity to shed some light on a few common misconceptions. read more…